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Varsity Theater Honolulu 1939-2008

End of an Era

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Photo taken June 19, 2007

Ad run on June 16, 2007

(Below) The Varsity Theater is demolished, photo taken March 25, 2008 by Richard Ambo, Honolulu Advertiser.


On June 15, 2007, it was announced that the Varsity Theater at 1106 University Avenue in Honolulu, Hawaii would close in two days. Opened in 1939, the movie house had 480 seats divided between two screening rooms. For a number of years, it was known for showing Art House and foreign films. Originally a single theater, it became a twin house in the 1980s.

As soon as I heard the announcement, I went down to the theater to take photos of this unique movie house. Although it had sorely lacked for maintenance in recent years, it still had many beautiful Art Moderne/Art Deco features. Unless otherwise noted, all the photos on this website were taken on June 15 and 19, 2007.

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